Bohemian Glass Show

Los Angeles

Jan 7 – Feb 28, 2017

bohumil-elias-jr-landscape-melted-glass-bohemian-glass-show-at-knupp-gallery-la_1024 blanka-adensam-uranium-glass-sculpture-%22hand-forming%22-presented-by-knupp-gallery-la
ales-knupp-at-knupp-gallery-la-blanka-adensam-melted-glass-bohemian-glass-show greek-consul-general-in-los-angeles-at-knupp-gallery-la-bohemian-glass-show-exhibition
bohemian-glass-show-in-los-angeles-california-modern-contemporary-fine-art-glass jiri-suhajek-blown-glass-thalia-award-and-a-bird-contemporary-fine-art-glass-gallery-in-los-angeles
bohemian-glass-show-at-knupp-gallery-los-angeles bohemian-glass-show-in-los-angeles-contemporary-fine-art-glass
foto008 bohumil-elias-jr-madonna-layered-glued-and-painted-glass
bohemian-glass-show-light-exhibition-at-knupp-gallery-la bohumil-elias-layered-glass-madonna-presented-by-knupp-gallery-los-angeles
bohumil-elias-sr-genesis-a-piece-of-the-bohemian-glass-show-exhibition-in-los-angeles filip-nizky-melted-studio-glass-sculpture-the-wing-at-the-bohemian-glass-show-exhibition
bohemian-glass-show-contemporary-fine-art-glass-knupp-gallery-los-angeles-california ales-knupp-gallery-los-angeles-opening-reception-of-the-bohemian-glass-show
bohumil-elias-starsi-sklenena-plastika-obyvatel-cervene-46x47x14-cm-prodej-sklenenych-soch-bohumila-eliase-praha bohumil-elias-jr-guardian-of-a-bridge-melted-glass-sculpture-on-a-bronzeiron-base-presented-by-the-knupp-gallery-los-angeles
bohemian-glass-show-2017-knupp-gallery-los-angeles-contemporary-fine-art roxanna-dunlop-managing-director-of-the-knupp-gallery-los-angeles
bohumil-elias-sr-home-of-butterflies-layered-painted-glass-knupp-gallery-los-angeles detail-of-a-melted-glass-wing-named-the-exemption-by-blanka-adensamova-contemporary-fine-art-glass-knupp-galley-la
knupp-gallery-los-angeles-and-the-lasvit-company-exhibition-cooperation-bohemian-glass-show ivan-kolman-cut-glass-paintings-at-the-bohemian-glass-show-exhibition-knupp-gallery-la
the-lasvit-company-in-cooperation-with-knupp-gallery-la-bohemian-glass-show wall-shadow-effects-of-blown-figurative-glass-sculptures-by-jiri-suhajek-knupp-gallery-la

Bohemian Glass Show Exhibition

world leading glass design in cooperation with the LASVIT Company.

The exhibit is a tribute to precise craftsmanship, contemporary and inspired by the past masters and their bohemian approach. “Bohemian” refers both to the region and it’s proverbial creative and free-spirited approach. The show features a wide range of studio glass sculpture by an impressive selection of world leading glass designers and artists, BOHUMIL ELIAS Jr. & Sr., JIRI SUHAJEK, BLANKA ADENSAM, FILIP NIZKY, and IVAN KOLMAN.

Lasvit displays following artists pieces

LASVIT, is a Czech based manufacturer of unique works of glass, including bespoke lighting installations, glass artworks, and award-winning collections that specializes in successfully bridging craft, design and technology. LASVIT work can be found in the world’s most exclusive hotels, from Paris to New York and from Hong Kong to Seoul. Their Installations and extraordinary collections adorn the interiors of exclusive hotels and public spaces such as the Dubai Opera, Rosewood and St. Regis hotels, as well as several discerning private residencies.

RENE ROUBICEK’s chandelier titled “AND WHY NOT!” and designed for LASVIT refers to Roubicek´s lifelong experimentation, searching compositions and forms incarnated in glass. Dynamic abstraction, smoothly polished surfaces while absorbed by the mass of the glass creates a unique atmosphere.

JAKUB BERDYCH Inspired by the craft itself, vases BORN BROKEN remind us of the otherwise unseen aspects of glass production – its errors. What would normally be considered an irreparable mistake caused by a clumsy glassblower, purposefully becomes the center of attention and a technical challenge. Each hand-blown shape is broken into several segments and their edges additionally hammered to create a pattern visually akin to cutting. The individual pieces are reheated and joined into one unit, creating a compact surface, but retaining their intriguing random patterns.

MAXIM VELCOVSKY’S Frozen collection was inspired by the transformation of water into ice. This moment is similar to work in a glassmaker shop. Velcovsky allows the ice to spill over a metal form and seeks advantage in its natural properties. Each piece traces a unique record of the process, becoming an original.

knupp gallery LA selects a prominent artist lineup 

BOHUMIL ELIAS Jr. & Sr. Their contemporary designs showcase a complex body of work featuring geometrical and systematic works of layered, glued and painted glass.

JIRI SUHAJEK studied in the UK during the communist era, he is a traditional glass designer who has been working with the Moser Company for decades. His substantial body of work ranges from acrylic paintings to his figurative blown glass sculptures called “Thalia” and “Birds” which will be on display.

BLANKA ADENSAM creates her sculptures of melted glass compositions that reflect a dreamy effect. She masters the use of “uranium glass”, (typically green glass) and in each piece she brings forth a unique expression of the women’s soul.

FILIP NÍZKÝ is a middle generation glass designer, he works with melted glass. The simplicity of his sculptures is of subtle yet impressive minimal contemporary expression, the use of aquamarine blue or red colors invites a powerful dialog with the light that is uniquely captured by each piece.

IVAN KOLMAN creates “glass paintings” through a very rare technique, he cuts glass plates into various types of glass reliefs, thereby creating beautiful pictures of animals, structures or people.