maxim havlicek paninting amare - mixed media on canvas, presented by knupp gallery los angeles SELECTED IMAGES

Maxim was born in Prague, the Czech Republic during communism. Growing up under the oppressing regime, he developed his undying conviction to uphold the truth and the need to stand up for all injustice. Maxim’s work reflects his struggle between the despondency and longing he holds for the prospect existence for mankind as a whole.

To Maxim painting is his testament to the world we live in— its crudeness and beauty, its freedoms and indoctrinations. His large-scale paintings are a direct manifestation of his internal struggle to find a higher meaning and order in our human character.


By creating “THE UNIVERSAL ARGUMENT” series Maxim embarks on his quest for knowledge of the ultimate truth – our origins and clear understanding of them.

In addition to the collection’s debut, Maxim’s twin brother, an award-winning composer, and musician, Karel Havlicek, will perform a live set of his own music compositions. 

2017 March 4th – April 30: “The Universal Argument” (1923 S Santa Fe Ave, 90021, LA)