jirka-houska-au-angiangi-olej-na-platne-obraz-z-vystavy-stezkami-zahadnych-zvirat-2015 SELECTED IMAGES

Jirka studied at Secondary School of Applied Arts of Václav Hollar and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (prof. Z. Beran studio).

Jirka specializes in figurative painting with emphasis on portraiture with a recurring theme of inspiration in scenery. Sci-fi scenes or unknown animals (animals unknown to science). These elements originate from Jirka’s interest in the natural sciences, paleontology and cryptozoology. His body of work includes a book that he illustrated in 2015 titled “On the Path of Mysterious Animals” by Author Jaroslav Mareš.


Houska’s formation is rooted in the „classic arts“ studio, and his paintings are oil on canvas, his style is realistic and simultaneously paying a clear tribute to the use of the paintbrush.

The Academy Of Fine Arts in Prague (studio Prof. Z.Beran) 2016 Oct 15 Grand Opening of knupp gallery LA (1923 Santa Fe Ave, 90021, LA)
Secondary School of Applied Arts of Václav Hollar 2017  Jan 11 – 15 LA Art Show 2017 (Convention Center, LA)
born in 1985 (Prague, Czech Republic)
Czech-IN LA – 2015

Sept 22 – Oct 19  (Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica) in collaboration with Building Bridges Art Exchange gallery