igor-kitzberger-bronzova-plastika-zongler-130x73-cm-na-prodej-v-prazske-galerii-ceske-soucasne-plastiky-a-sochy SELECTED IMAGES

The sculpture of Igor Kitzberger is dynamic and alive in its movement.

During his studies in Italy, Kitzberger became inspired by violin player Niccolo Paganini, whom he sculpted in bronze. Welded in a very expressive subtle way in bronze, this became Igor’s most famous sculpture.

His work, unlike that of other sculptors that work with metal, is not casted but welded. This lends each piece a distinct quality, each piece is an original, no two identical pieces ever leave his atelier.


Kitzberger works mostly with the human figure. His sculptures of dancers, jugglers, Paganini, harlequins, are often in exalted positions.

His welding technique is characterized by the achievement of the maximum possible expression of dynamics.

1984 – 1990, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, subject Sculpture 2016 Oct 15 Grand Opening of knupp gallery LA (1923 Santa Fe Ave, 90021, LA)
1978 – 1982, he attended the school of Applied Art in Turnov, subject art blacksmithery 2017  Jan 11 – 15 LA Art Show 2017 (Convention Center, LA)
2016 Jan 27 – 31 LA Art Show 2016, Convention Center, Los Angeles
2015 Sept 22 – Oct 19 Czech-IN LA (Bergamot Station, 2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica) in collaboration with Building Bridges Art Exchange gallery